Research and Development

Research is and will continue to be the main driver for success of Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Research is the foundation upon which Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. will participate in a variety of therapeutic areas.

State of the Art Research Park

The Lupin Research Park is located at Pune, India.
19 acre site with built area of 150,000 sq.ft.
Home to 320 scientists.
Lupin's core site for innovation:
  - Process development;
- Technology development;
- Basic preclinical, phase1 and phase 2 research.
145 patents filed, 53 patents granted worldwide.
Works closely with an extensive network of global laboratories, companies and academic institutions.

Technology Focus


Drug master files (DMFs) for APIs and Formulation development.
Abbreviated new drug applications (ANDAs) for finished products.

New Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS).

Oral controlled release systems (OCRS).
Advanced drug delivery systems (ADDS).
Taste masking system.

New Chemical Entities (NCE).

Basic drug discovery research has yielded proprietary molecules with potential as anti-migraine, anti-TB, anti-psoriasis agents.
Investigating herbal and synthetic routes.

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